Finding a window that is a perfect square is quite difficult. Less than perfect constructions, shifting foundations an aging of the home are some of the factors that make windows imperfect. When you install plantation shutters on windows that are less than a perfect square, the result can be crooked frames and rubbing doors. Click here to get started.

When plantation shutters are installed correctly, they should “float” with an even space around all sides. This gap is meant to accommodate for the small variations that windows may have in squareness. The gap also allows the wood to shrink and swell naturally due to changes in the weather.

However, sometimes the windows may not be a perfect square. With such windows, you can use some tips to install plantation shutters and make them work optimally. Read on for the tips.

Check Your Window for the Perfect Square
Before starting to shop for plantation shutters, check the squareness of your windows. An easy way of doing this is to measure the windows in an “X”, from one corner to another. If you find that the measurements are different, then the windows are an imperfect square. If this is the case with your windows, you can install plantation shutters in different ways to take care of the unevenness. Visit this link to read more.

i) Install Shutters Outside the Window Frame
The easiest way to ensure shutters will fit windows that are out of square is by installing them on the outside of the window frame rather than on the site. This way, the frame will cover any gaps since it will be sitting over the window opening. However, if you have any decorative molding on the window, the shutter frame may end up covering part of it.

ii) Install Smaller Shutters
If you do not want the decorative molding on your windows to be covered by the shutter frames, you can use a different method. This method is to install shutters than are a little smaller than the size of the window frames. Ideally, you should get shutters that are about 1/8″ smaller on height. Moreover, when you are installing the shutters, make sure you level them by manipulating the mounting screws or using wood shims.

To make the windows appear even better, compliment these shutter with coats of your favorite color or use strainers and carve exquisite designs to lend an antique look to your house.

Whatever you choose to do, keep this guide by your side to know how to install shutters on imperfect square windows.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shutter to read more about this.


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